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Does unrelated experience look bad on my resume?

Dear JobsBlog:  If I take a job where I get unrelated experience will it make me a less-desirable candidate? -Tangent Torn  Read on to hear the answer from Microsoft Recruiter Kenji… Dear Tangent Torn: My advice in your case — as it often is — is subjective based on the situation. In an ideal world, […]

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Interns win top prize for Windows Phone 7 app

Among all sorts of other fun, games, learning, work and play, Microsoft’s 2010 Interns had the opportunity to partake in a number of competitions. Entertainment & Devices hosted a competition that pitted the best and the brightest against each other to design the best new Windows Phone 7 app. The 1st place winning team created a […]

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The Top Three hottest new majors for a career in technology

Have you ever wondered what fields of study are hot right now in the world of technology?  Or maybe you’re starting to think about declaring your major and you’re looking for some real world guidance? It is worth thinking beyond a traditional Computer Science degree or even an Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) program. […]

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Microsoft Intern Tony Menard on video game testing and white water rafting

‘Softie in question: Tony Menard Job title: Xbox Games Intern – University of Michigan, Class of ’11 Why did you decide to intern with Microsoft and not with a different tech company? This was actually my third internship with Microsoft.  I’ve chosen to intern with the company because it’s a very well-respected leader and innovator […]

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JobsBlog Rewind: Modifying your resume isn’t always the answer

Dear JobsBlog: Would you recommend I tailor my resume when applying for a job? Does this help or hinder my chances of getting the position?   –Resume Riled    Dear "Resume Riled": As with many areas of recruiting, it depends. It can definitely be valuable to tailor your resume for a specific position and, generally, […]

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