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3 tips for getting a job in the new year

Dear JobsBlog: It’s the almost the new year, and I think I’m ready to change jobs. The problem is I don’t know where to start. Any tips to get a software developer like me headed in the right direction? – New Year, New Job   Dear New Year, New Job: As you have spare time between […]

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Major responsibilities to the mystique of M&A

The ‘Softie in question: Seth Pedersen The job title: Human Resources Manager for Mergers & Acquisitions You’ve worked at Microsoft nearly 9 years, but you’re also an army reservist and scheduled to mobilize in early 2011.  Yes, I am a major in the Army Reserves, and this will be my second mobilization since I’ve been […]

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When it rains, it snows

Rumors abound about the supposed never-ending rain in Seattle. But, speaking as a Seattle native, it really isn’t so bad. Why don’t I mind a few drizzly days? Not only does the rain make our region green and beautiful, but as winter approaches, rain in the city means snow in the mountains. And for me, that […]

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