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Great Places to Work: Microsoft Employees Always First to Use New Software

Dear JobsBlog: Is it true that Microsoft employees get to demo new software like Windows 8 while still in beta? -A Wannabe Eager Super-ambitious One-day Microsoft Employee Dear AWESOME: Yes! The process of using our software prior to its release is called “dogfooding.” Microsoft has a long history of testing our own products internally. What may […]

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Top Jobs in IT: Why I left Google ? and returned to Microsoft

Geek in question: James Whittaker Job title: Partner Development Manager – Bing Mobile James Whittaker is a top visionary at Bing who is focused on making the web a better place for users and developers. He’s had a storied career from his days as a hacker in the late 80s to a startup founder to […]

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Finding jobs in IT Part II: The Inside Scoop from a recent COLLEGE hire

Geek in question: Sam Doan Job title: Associate Consultant for the Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) Program Sam grew up in Vietnam and later Georgia. He’s a recent graduate of the University of Georgia—Terry College of Business and just started at Microsoft in the MACH Program. He read our Finding jobs in IT: job […]

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Top jobs in IT: Microsoft Research Chief Scientist recognized for pioneering online video technology

Geek in Question: Henrique “Rico” Malvar Job title: Chief Scientist and Distinguished Engineer of Microsoft Research (MSR) If you’ve ever used online videoconferencing with Skype, or watched YouTube videos, you can thank Rico Malvar. No, he didn’t singlehandedly invent the technology, but he was intimately involved in the creation of technologies that power audio and video […]

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How do the three core software engineering jobs at Microsoft relate to each other?

Dear JobsBlog: I understand how Program Managers and Software Development Engineers work together at Microsoft. But how do the Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) fit in with those other engineering disciplines at the company? -SDET Candidate Looking for Clarification Dear SCLC: As I in my last Dear JobsBlog post, I went right to the […]

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Finding jobs in IT: The Inside Scoop from a recent hire

Geek in Question: Brandon Lawson Job title: Premier Field Engineer Brandon recently landed a job in software engineering at Microsoft and he is loving it. He wanted to share his experience and job interview tips with others, so the following is in his words. Take it away Brandon: Since getting my job with Microsoft, I’ve […]

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