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Jobs in IT: Experience Software Development from all sides at Microsoft

Many tech companies stick engineers in heads-down roles where they tinker with a little piece of the greater puzzle. Not so at Microsoft. In his three-year career, Daniel Altin has held three jobs at the Microsoft Silicon Valley (MSV) offices. Not only did Daniel pursue this broad exposure to roles across the company, but his […]

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Changing the Conversation about Microsoft

I want to take a moment to pause, recognize and celebrate because Microsoft hit a major turning point this past week. The company has been around long enough now that its reputation has ridden the wave, up and down – more than a few times. Right now, as the company is entering a new Fiscal […]

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Dear JobsBlog: 3 Tips on How to Bounce Back After Being Rejected for a Job

Dear JobsBlog: I applied for my dream job and… I didn’t get it. I am devastated. What do I do now? -Rejected and Dejected Dear RAD: When you are rejected from a job, it can really take a toll on your self-esteem. If you allow rejection to define you and make you feel like a […]

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Great Place to Work: Balancing a Microsoft Career and a Child with Special Needs

Happy Father’s Day from We sat down with Jon Rosenberg to get beyond the general gift-giving and well-wishing of the day to find out what it’s really like to be a working parent at Microsoft. Jon, a Program Manager in SharePoint Online, brings different insights to this situation as one of his two sons […]

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Jobs in IT: Join a Career Webinar with a Panel of Microsoft Employees

Dear JobsBlog: I’m a computer science major at my university and will be entering my senior year this fall. I’m interested in working for Microsoft after I graduate and want to learn more about the different roles and career paths at the company. Where can I find out more? -Need Advice Dear Need Advice: Normally […]

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Women in IT: Three Tips for Success in Technology and One Key Advantage

Juliana Gomez shares that although women are outnumbered in the field of technology, they tend to have one particular innate skill that companies are searching for: “Customer empathy,” she says, “It is a skill that is needed in the IT industry. Most women have the ability to empathize with customers. That gives us a great […]

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