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Jobs in IT: Microsoft Scholarships Help Students with High Cost of Tuition

With soaring tuition costs, higher interest rates on student loans and a struggling economy, it’s not surprising that students are looking for creative ways to afford a college degree. According to a recent College Board report, tuition and fees at four-year public institutions are up 8.3%, with the potential to increase as state and federal […]

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Jobs in IT: An Engineer?s Journey from Homemade Radios to the Surface tablet

Microsoftie in Question: Shiu Ng Job title: Senior Hardware Engineer – Surface tablet Working as a lead on “failure analysis” for Surface, it is up to Shiu to learn all of the ins and outs of the tablet and be sure that it is flawless by the time it hits the shelves. With 20 years of experience designing […]

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Dear JobsBlog: How do I Prepare for a Marketing Interview at Microsoft?

Dear JobsBlog: How do I best prepare for a marketing interview at Microsoft? -Exploring Microsoft Marketing Dear EMM: There is a lot of information out there for technical candidates about how to prep for interviews but not much for the non-techies. Hopefully, my following five tips will help you out: Research You need to read […]

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Great Place to Work: Challenges and problem-solving excite Microsoft interns at Puzzleday 2012

What do you get when you cross 944 Microsoft interns, a day full of solving brainteasers, summer sunshine and 489 large pizzas? Puzzleday, of course. This week some 85 teams of roughly 10-12 interns battled it out in our annual puzzle competition. The event challenges each team to solve a number of original puzzles. The […]

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Women in IT: Boosting the number of women in the room

Kara Fong is a recent graduate of the University of Washington – and she is one of Microsoft’s first hires out of its DigiGirlz program. DigiGirlz gives high school girls the opportunity to learn about careers in technology. Kara came to Microsoft in the summer of 2005 to attend a DigiGirlz event and has returned multiple […]

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Great place to work: does your company care about what you care about?

When comparing tech companies, prospective employees can get caught up in who has free food or more foosball tables per building. And that stuff may hook you into wanting to join a company. But what will keep you there over time? What is more fulfilling as an employee and as a person? Did you know […]

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