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Dear JobsBlog: What are common interview mistakes

Dear JobsBlog: What are some of the lesser-known but still common mistakes that prevent candidates from performing at their best in an interview? -Init2winit Dear Init2winit: This is a great question. As a Microsoft recruiter, I often see candidates make the following three mistakes: Lacking self-awareness Self-awareness is one of the key traits we look […]

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Dear JobsBlog: How do I list my technical skills on a resume?

Dear JobsBlog: Can someone PLEASE give me advice on how to best list technical skills on a resume for a core tech role at Microsoft? I am confused as to how much detail or how little detail I should use at this stage of the job application process. -List of Skills Dear List: As recruiters, […]

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Dear JobsBlog: How do I figure out if I will like a job?

Dear JobsBlog: I know this seems like a simple question, but it is actually very complex: How do I figure out if I will like a job? -Perplexed Dear Perplexed: You are right. This is a tricky question with a very subjective answer. Rather than having one JobsBlogger respond to you, we had a few […]

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Women in IT: Our career is a journey, not a destination

I believe we all need strong role models who inspire us and help pave the way for our own success. Julia Liuson has led a successful 20 year career at Microsoft. Last week she wrote an op-ed article for the Seattle Times titled: ‘We need to get more girls in STEM disciplines’. We think our […]

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Jobs in IT: Three easy tips to make your resume Microsoft ready

We’d like to welcome our newest JobsBlogger Kevin Lamsback who has a lot of experience hiring for core tech roles at Microsoft. Over to you Kevin: It can seem like every friend, family member and colleague thinks they know “the right way” to write a resume. Unfortunately, much of their advice can be misguided or advice that doesn’t pertain […]

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Jobs in IT: Myths about Customer Service and Support at Microsoft

JobsBlog would like to welcome new JobsBloggers Heather and Cindy. Take it away Heather: My colleague Cindy and I are excited to be a part of the JobsBlog family. We hope to give readers some new insights into Microsoft’s Customer Services and Support (CSS) organization and I anticipate many of you will be eager to […]

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