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Good girls gone geek

Consider this: As of 2010, women earned 57 % of undergraduate degrees. But among all recipients of undergrad computer science degrees, only 14% were women. The number of computer science jobs is tripling. Between 2000 and 2009, there was a 79 percent drop in the number of first-year undergraduate women considering computer science. By 2020, […]

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Extreme volunteering

Rayleen Bidoli, an executive assistant for User Experience IT (UEIT) based in the UK, has a passion for what she calls extreme volunteering. This single mom inspired her international team to support communities in Cambodia and Nepal. Meanwhile, she tries to instill in her daughter the value of making the world a better place. In […]

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Get the most out of your Microsoft internship

Learn from interns who have been here We invite you to check out this infographic showcasing the Microsoft intern experience. Actual interns share what it was like, what they learned and how future interns can get the most out of the program. Take a look at their tips and watch their videos. Then decide which […]

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More summer fun for geeks

We asked Microsoft women around the globe: What are you doing for fun this summer? We recently asked geek guys the same question. Now it’s HER turn to talk. Whether it’s something technical or getting outdoors, heading to San Diego Comic Con or GenCon, some female Microsofties share their plans and hopes for the coming summer. To start us off, […]

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How to raise 21st-century kids

As Father’s Day approaches this year, the day offers us the opportunity to honor fathers, celebrate fatherhood and look at the influence of fathersin society. In particular, we wanted to acknowledge two IT/geek Dads: Daniel and Darol, a couple of our PFEs (Premier Field Engineers). We asked them how they share their passion for technology […]

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You said it: The geek guy's guide to summer

  “Q: What are the top 3 summertime activities you’re most looking forward to?” On our Microsoft Careers Facebook page and @MicrosoftJobs on twitter, we asked what activities rank high on your summer bucket list. And because Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, we’re focusing on what all guys are passionate about this summer—dads, dads-to-be, or geek guys who are […]

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