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Nap on the bus without missing your stop, and more innovations from Microsoft’s summer interns

Cornell University student Peter Zieske likes to doze off on bus rides, and he has created an app to help others do the same — without missing their stops. Bus Alarm, Zieske’s original creation for Windows Phone, is an alarm clock designed to wake users up when they arrive at their stop — using integrated public […]

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4 ways to ace your programming interview

Most software engineers usually have a solid foundation of knowledge as it relates to object-oriented programming and general computer science topics.  However, there are few pieces of advice I give candidates prior to their onsite interviews to help them stand out.  Here are a few pointers: 1.       Understand the products or services During a technical […]

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‘I’ve Been in Their Shoes Before’ – Microsoft MBA Recruiter Tells You How to Get Hired!

How the tables have turned for Erwin Chan. In the Fall of 2013, his desk became the open road. He spent three months travelling across America virtually non-stop, scooping up impressive MBAs from top US business schools. But back in 2007 he was on the other side of the fence. Then, the future MBA Recruiter had […]

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Opportunities at Microsoft’s European Development Centers

When most of us consider a career, we don’t necessarily look further than our very own city—let alone country. But this was not the case for Mikhail Filatov, one of Microsoft’s Moscow-based senior engineers. In his own words, Mikhail tells us about his journey with Microsoft. I joined Microsoft in 2005 and worked as a […]

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25 toughest companies to interview with

How would you build an engine from scratch? Can you estimate the revenue from 2012 Olympic ticket sales? How many people are watching YouTube in a given hour? These are just a few of the tough questions job seekers were asked by interviewers in the past year, according to a report released Friday by […]

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Where do recruiters mine for candidates?

Picture a job search that unfolds like this: Week 1: You’ve just graduated or you’re looking for your next opportunity. You finally made some time to sit down and look for jobs.  Mission accomplished:  You applied for 20 jobs you would like! Week 2: You actually spent time polishing your phone-screening skills and researching technical […]

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