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Around the world: How Microsoft ranked #1 Great Place to Work

In a number of countries across the globe, Microsoft was voted No. 1 in the Great Place to Work Awards. It’s an international award in which employees themselves evaluate their employer—with a credible assessment. Our candidates frequently ask, “What it is really like to work for Microsoft? What makes it unique?” So I dug deeper […]

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How to become an Xbox One superhero

        As Xbox One is about to launch, let’s spare a thought for all the people who had a hand in its creation. One of the most exciting areas I recruit for at Microsoft is the U.K.-based Games Test Organisation (GTO). This group of experienced, superhero-like testers are passionate about quality software […]

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They’re Watching You at Work

In 2003, thanks to Michael Lewis and his best seller Moneyball, the general manager of the Oakland A’s, Billy Beane, became a star. The previous year, Beane had turned his back on his scouts and had instead entrusted player-acquisition decisions to mathematical models developed by a young, Harvard-trained statistical wizard on his staff. What happened […]

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Why did an Apple fanboy/East Coast grad pick Microsoft?

Interviewing at Microsoft never made a whole lot of sense for me. I’ll explain why: As a lifetime Apple fan, Microsoft was that outdated “business software” company. As an East Coast recent grad, Seattle was the weird place those terrible Twilight movies took place. And, as part of the generation that has been told it […]

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MACH and intern applicants: How to be a STAR

I have had the good fortune of recruiting some of the most amazing graduate talent into Microsoft. As we look to hire our interns, MACH graduates and MBAs for 2014, I thought it would be useful to share with you some advice and tips on applying to Microsoft’s Intern or MACH programs – because trust me, […]

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Think coding skills are the end-all, be all?

What’s Microsoft really looking for in our future employees and leaders?  Believe it or not, it’s not about being a programming prodigy.  Coding skills are a given, but having a life is also a big selling point. Here are some other qualities that will pique the interest of university recruiters. Be nimble. Learn fast. Adapt. […]

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