5 Reasons Why Distributed Systems are the Future

“We are always looking for top talent”


Whether you just graduated with your CS degree, are declaring your major, or are starting graduate school – you might wonder what career path is hot, and what Microsoft and other web technology companies believe is the future.  Distributed systems is an area that’s unique. It is and will continue to be in demand. Companies will continue to invest in this type of work.  And the need to hire the best and brightest in this space is and will continue to be critical to any company’s bottom line.

“Distributed systems are foundational to all forms of cloud computing technologies –  Big Data and Machine Learning are two examples – and we are always looking for the top talent to help us build this foundation,” says Gaurav Sareen, Corporate Vice President, Application Services Group.

Here are five reasons why distributed systems are the future:

1. Scale – We will never get away from how large data sets are becoming these days.  With consumers creating so many different sets of data from purchase, viewing, or play history, we are all creating data at break-neck speed.  Any large-scale employer will need top-notch developers who possess the ability to create systems to process and store this data – and make sense of it.

2. Live Site – How do you make your systems or platforms fault-tolerant?  Who handles the situation when datacenters, containers, or machines go down?  How long does it take to release a build?  Who is on call? When you’re not live and online, you cease to exist. You cease to monetize.  The needs for expertise in this field are deep: the process, escalation path, SLA’s. The general “know-how” on how to get everything back up, triage, and solve tough problems. As a result, these Developer positions are always critical to any business or service that is online and has a large cloud infrastructure.

3. Next Generation/v2 – You think that service is cool now, but the team who shipped it is already hard at work on v2, fixing bugs and improving the customer experience.  Building large-scale platforms to test or experiment these new features or services requires a special Developer who understands the importance of analysis and experimentation.  In essence: making sure new features work in production, out in the real world.

4. Latency – Everyone has experienced latency.  You’re waiting for your movie to load, or the replay of the Super Bowl isn’t streaming as fast or as clearly as you want.  Page load time affects customers’ experience. Companies will look for Developers to help them trim down latency: It’s critical to ensure they have the top-of-the-line containers and equipment, and can focus on other efficiencies.

5. BI – Business Intelligence platforms – You’re processing, storing, and performing transactions. What do you do with the data from what you ship?  You want to create solutions to make sense of the data, isolate patterns or trends, and make business decisions based on the data you analyzed. It takes a Developer to create these elegant, scalable solutions.  The demand for this type of Developer will continue to grow as the data, and demand for data analysis, grows.

“Cloud distributed systems give you opportunities to work on both hard-core, system-level problems and also big data intelligence,” says Junhua Wang, Principal Development Manager, Information Platforms Group.  “You feel empowered to solve something that was once unsolvable.”

Why not invest in a career path where there is a clear need for talent, both now and in the future? If you’re looking to focus on a specific area where you can develop expertise, or you are choosing a concentration in school, let the data in this post inform your decision.  A career in distributed systems is a career with lasting opportunities.  Apply now on Microsoft Careers!


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