What should I title my resume?


dear jobsblogDear JobsBlog: 
When I apply via the Microsoft Career Site, it asks for me to give my resume a title. 
What is the title of my resume used for?
Do recruiters see this when they search?
What would you recommend as a good title?

Janelle Answer:
You can submit different versions of your resume for different jobs (like the event planner and marketing coordinator examples I used in my previous post), the title field is there so that you can differentiate between your versions.  Don’t sweat it for our sake!

In general though, the title of your resume should be something that is easily transferable. I personally like it when a resume is titled "Janelle Godfrey Resume 2010."  That way if I forward it or save it on my computer, I always know it’s yours.  Just make sure your name is in the file!  I even like seeing the date so if you ever send me an updated one, I know which to use. :-)

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