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In a number of countries across the globe, Microsoft was voted No. 1 in the Great Place to Work Awards. It’s an international award in which employees themselves evaluate their employer—with a credible assessment.

Our candidates frequently ask, “What it is really like to work for Microsoft? What makes it unique?” So I dug deeper to understand why our employees love working here. Hopefully this will paint an honest picture, while you decide if Microsoft is the company for you. Here are some comments from employees in a selection of countries who rated us No. 1:

“Microsoft Italy welcomed me with open arms.”
Melissa Luongo, HR Manager, Italy

“As an existing Microsoft employee transferring from Canada, I was able to make a smooth transition into the Italian Subsidiary. Early on, I realized that working for Microsoft in Italy is something to be extremely proud of – many people dream of working here. It’s comforting that Microsoft is the same around the world, with a consistent approach and feel with regard to values, smart people, flexibility and wonderful perks.

But what makes Microsoft Italy so special is the warm and passionate employees, the beautiful Innovation Campus, the cultural experience of drinking your coffee at the bar with colleagues, and of course the delicious food in the cafeteria. Our office has a family feel, with a daycare on site for parents, laundry services, a gym, take-home food and people who genuinely care. What more can you ask for?”

“It is more like a second home.”

Walter Novoa, Tech Evangelist, Colombia

“Microsoft Colombia is a place where I don’t feel like I am just doing a job, as I am given the freedom to materialize my ideas and creativity, and really have an impact through the work I do. It is more like a second home to me, a place where my family is always welcome. The campus has many things I can enjoy with my extended family, and when my little son comes to the office, he gets excited because he already knows we are going to have a good time together.”

“Be yourself.”

Jonathan Budden, HR Manager, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

“When you walk into Microsoft Gulf and see the brightly colored mural employees painted, you get a sense of the energy and culture of our workplace. We have people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. It’s a fun working environment that offers an incredible level of individuality and independence, with no set hours or dress code. We offer an array of benefits, from a stocked pantry in the office to the opportunity to take a few weeks off to pursue your dream of climbing Everest. People can exercise their preferences on a daily basis.”

“My office is where I am.”

Andrea Znidar, HR Manager, Austria

“It blows my mind that companies such as Yahoo! openly discourage a flexible working environment. This is the 21st century and in my opinion organizations need to move with the times. Evidently our employees in Austria agree with me because their No. 1 reason for thinking Microsoft is a great place to work is because of the flexibility we offer. My office is where I am was the central theme that came out of employee feedback. People often associate flexibility with working from home but this is just a small part of what it means to offer a truly flexible working environment. Microsoft Austria introduced additional flexibility perks for employees including “Papa-Weeks,” which entitles fathers to two weeks of paid leave after the birth of their child. (Many companies now offer this benefit.) We also try to look deeper into employees’ personal situations and adapt our working environment to suit them, such as: extending leave for maternity, allowing people time off work to complete their studies or simply to partake in a marathon. Flexibility is all about what that means to the individual.”

Sound like a place you would like to work? Do you value flexibility, autonomy and the ability to enjoy your life, both at work and at home? Do you want to work with exceptionally talented people? Then Microsoft is the place for you. Explore the opportunities we have available across the globe. Or consider a role in one of our European Development Centres: Click here to find out more.


On Microsoft JobsBlog, meet more international employees who say why Microsoft is a great place to work:

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