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What’s the lifestyle you’re looking for? Want a work life you’ll love?

Allow us to introduce you to Microsoft employees, who crave a good challenge and enjoy solving puzzles – at work and at home. We dream. We tinker. We explore.

We’ll fill you in on the best of the Pacific Northwest. You’ll get to know the access codes that will help you make the most of your work day – and your time away from the office. Consider life at Microsoft.

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Mohamed Mansour is a Software Engineer at Bing, focusing on user data and personalization. Here’s what Mohamed loves about his...

Outside of work, Nitish Kumar Meena (a UX Designer in Visual Studio), and Noah Dyvadheenam, (a Software Development Engineer in...

Rayleen Bidoli, an executive assistant for User Experience IT (UEIT) based in the UK, has a passion for what she...

As Father’s Day approaches this year, the day offers us the opportunity to honor fathers, celebrate fatherhood and look at...

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