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Microsoft technology is known around the globe. But what about the people who create it?

Jobs in Technology gives you a window into the people at Microsoft – and the work they do. You might be surprised to find Microsoft still an amazing cradle of invention. You might find yourself relating to like-minded individuals. You might just want to join this band of engineers and other professionals who provide solutions for people all over the world. You might get dreamy – or fired up – as you read about the craft and circuitry in their hands.

Our employees share stories of daily creation and collaboration. At work and in their time away, Microsoft people around the globe make their mark. You’ll want to read about the lives they’re leading and futures they’re building.

Jobs in Technology
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Adam Coccari’s path to Microsoft wasn’t one you might imagine for a recent grad’s leap into a promising tech-industry career: It began with a psychology degree, a teaching job and …

Women Think Next is a worldwide networking event & community for professional women organized and initiated by Microsoft. It’s an ideal opportunity to network within your profession while creating new …

When three Microsoft employees first came up with the idea to start a sports event at the Hyderabad Campus in India, they may not have imagined it would bring so …

People around the globe will rely on it for countless everyday tasks — getting the latest information about a world event, gathering facts for a research paper or maybe tracking …

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