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These 4 women achieve childhood dreams at Microsoft


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s the timeless career question adults love to ask, and children love to answer. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we thought we would take some of our employees on a trip down memory lane, to see how their childhood dreams evolved into the careers they have at Microsoft today.


“I wanted to be an architect.” Mame-Fatou Gueye, Unified Communications Consultant at Microsoft France

As a child, I was amazed by beautiful buildings and loved drawing. I see a lot of similarities in my childhood dream and my present job, because creativity and innovation are at the heart of both.

As a Unified Communications Consultant, I help customers accelerate their Microsoft technology adoption and assist them with critical projects. This includes working with the client to design, build and deploy (just as an architect would) Microsoft solutions that align with their strategy.

I really love the customer-facing element of my role and how dynamic the technology market is. Each day is challenging and fun.


“I wanted to be a teacher.” Salma Bader, Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Saudi Arabia

I thought being a teacher was the only job where I could impact someone else’s life. Today I get to channel my two passions, marketing and technology, into a product that helps millions of people around the globe.

As a Product Marketing Manager, I’m responsible for the outbound marketing activities for Microsoft Office. I craft the messaging and positioning of our products, and conceive and develop innovative marketing programs that drive demand.

I love being able to grasp and translate for our customers the technical capabilities and benefits of Microsoft Office.

JenniferChayesChild IMG_1950_JenniferAdult

“I wanted to be a poet, artist, philosopher or doctor.” Jennifer Chayes, Distinguished Scientist and Managing Director of Microsoft Research New England and Microsoft Research New York City

My job today combines the creativity of all four careers I envisioned in my dream job. My day-to-day role involves managing two interdisciplinary labs, with some of the most talented researchers who are working on impacting technology that can change the world. For instance: theoretical computer science, cryptography, machine learning, vision and image processing, computational biology, economics and algorithmic game theory, sociology, ethnography and communication.  I also publish papers on my own research.

In my role, I get to think through deep issues, like how we define communities on networks (a modern-day version of the philosophy I loved as a child). I get to do many kinds of science including biology (which influenced me to want to be a doctor) and I exercise my passion for mathematics.  My only problem is choosing among all the opportunities I have at Microsoft.

CristinaStanChild1 WP_20140226_005_CristinaShoes

“I wanted to work in an office and wear high-heeled shoes, just like my mom.” Cristina Stan, Software Engineer at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC)

As I grew up, I realized I wanted to find a job that would allow me to do something rewarding for other people, particularly by helping them do their jobs better. I believe this is at the core of all software products – reaching the end user’s needs.

I am currently a software engineer in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, where I work on developing different features. I make sure they are deployed and integrated properly into Microsoft’s services infrastructure.

The beauty of my job today is I get to see so many people using something I have developed. And even though my childhood dream was a fairly simple one, I am pleased to report that I work in the beautiful Microsoft office in Copenhagen and am wearing a pair of heels right now, as I’m writing this blog post.


What was your childhood dream job? Comment on Facebook or let us know via Twitter by applying #MSdreamjob to your tweet.

Whether you are just starting out your career or you are an experienced Software or Hardware Engineer; a Project, Product or Marketing Manager; or a passionate Sales or Customer Solutions Specialist, the opportunities at Microsoft are endless.

Apply today and be a part of the future of Microsoft’s innovative devices and services, including: Xbox, Xbox Music, SharePoint, Surface, Windows, Windows Phone, Office 365, Internet Explorer, MSN and Bing.


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