Dear JobsBlog: Why should I start my career at Microsoft, rather than a startup?


Dear JobsBlog:

When I talk with colleagues who are computer science grads, I find that startups get a lot of hype. I am not sure if I should pursue a tech career at a startup or at Microsoft–where I know there are plenty of opportunities. What should I consider as I decide?

–Plotting and Planning

Dear PAP:

Startups can seem exciting, but when you consider tech jobs, remember the risks. When you picture success at an early-stage company, you may take inspiration from the money you will earn once the company “hits it big.”  But here is the truth: Half of all startups don’t make it past their fifth year in business.

On the other hand, choosing Microsoft to launch your career provides nothing but upside. Here’s why:

  • You will work on challenging projects that will stretch your skills.
  • Some of the industry’s brightest minds work here and they foster a culture that makes tech grads feel welcome.
  • We offer cutting-edge training and unrivaled mentoring from the tech industry’s top talent.
  • Our career paths provide clear steps for success.
  • Our benefits are the best in the business.
  • Microsoft is getting ready to launch some of the most exciting products you’ve seen yet.

Don’t believe the hype. I admit I’m biased, but for tech jobs, Microsoft is your best bet.

Great question. I hope that helps.


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