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We invite you to explore our site and read our blog archives for information about job hunting, resume writing, interviewing and working at Microsoft. The search bar at the top right corner of our site works great in helping you find what you need.

But if you still want to know more, we have compiled a list of the most frequent questions readers ask us. We hope it helps you on your journey toward one day becoming a Microsoft employee!

If you’ve reviewed older posts, searched our archives, read this FAQ and still don’t have your answer, ask us your question at Dear JobsBlog. You can also start a discussion at Microsoft Careers on Facebook.

Q. Is Microsoft hiring?

A. Yes!

Q. What type of jobs do you have at Microsoft?

A. You can learn more about our Professions and Technologies on our careers website.

Q. I don’t understand the organizational structure of Microsoft. How do I figure out which team is right for me?

A. Meet our businesses on our careers site.

Q. I want to work for Microsoft outside the US. How do I find a job?

A. Our careers website lists our opportunities across the world. We’re located in over 100 countries.

Q. I want to work for Microsoft in the US but I don’t want to move to Redmond. What can I do?

A. While most of our development is located in Redmond (near Seattle), we do have offices across the country. Other locations include: Mountain View, CAFargo, ND, and Boston, MA… just to name a few. We also have sales, consulting, support, and other opportunities across the country, such as DallasCharlotte andWashington D.C.

Q. I don’t live in the US but I want to work for Microsoft there. What do I do?

A. We’ll still consider you, but the process is a little different. If you live in North America, you still apply through the same channels as US-based applicants. However, since internationally based applicants often need different relocation packages, visa assistance, and other specialized needs, we have a recruiting team focused solely on working with you. Check out the overseas recruiting page for more info.

Q. Where can I get information on Microsoft internships in the US?

A. US college Internship information can be found at Intern Program – Overview.

Q. I keep applying for positions on the Microsoft careers site, but I never hear anything back. What’s happening?

A. When you apply for a specific job at Microsoft, your resume is tagged to that job opening in our internal database. Recruiters then query our database against the resumes submitted for that job opening and based on the qualifications for the position. If a recruiter finds your resume matches the position’s required qualifications, that recruiter will contact you directly to present the opportunity to you.

Since recruiters query against specific job openings, it’s important to apply to all jobs in which you are interested.

Q. What is the Microsoft interview process like?

A. The interview process typically begins with a phone interview with a recruiter (phone screen), sometimes followed by a conversation with a member of the team who has the open position (tech screen). The interview with your recruiter tends to focus on your experience and interests, while the interview with a team member is often more technical, or skills-based, in its focus.

Following these interviews, you may be invited for final interviews, either held on-site at a Microsoft location or at a location near you. During these interviews, you will meet one-on-one with employees in the hiring group. Each interview lasts approximately 45 minutes, and you’ll meet with a variety of people. An interviewer could be a peer or a manager. Typically, you meet with three to five interviewers throughout the day. Ideally, a decision is reached within five businesses days, but your recruiter will set your expectations on when you will hear the result.

The process slightly differs for college students since we often conduct interviews on-campus.

Q. I have an upcoming interview with Microsoft. What should I wear?

A. Ask your recruiter for advice. It often depends on the type of job and group with which you are interviewing. For engineering roles, we recommend you dress “business casual” … nice but comfortable, too.

Q. I have more questions. Where can I ask them?

A. We’ve been blogging since March 2004, so we may have already answered your questions.  If you’ve reviewed older posts, searched our archives, read this FAQ and still don’t have your answer, ask us. You can also start a discussion at Microsoft Careers on Facebook.

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