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Our interns rocked with Deadmau5 and Macklemore



Back to school means hitting the books. But it also means planning ahead for next summer’s internships, and if you’re a senior, getting a grip on what you’ll be doing after graduation.

Here’s the great news: We’re hiring 2014 summer interns. Find us on your campus.

An internship at the Microsoft campus means not only amazing exposure and contribution to hot products that ship. You also get a huge boost to your skill set. How? For one thing, our Intern AppHack program lets you get a taste of the startup vibe in Microsoft’s Garage, and create an app of your own in record time.

What’s more, you get to attend our annual Signature Event. This summer’s interns got the hottest ticket in town: A live concert featuring Deadmau5 and Macklemore (a Seattle native whose stage-name honors Seattle Mariner Mark McLemore), along with his collaborator Ryan Lewis.  Our interns rocked with the rapper’s hits “Thrift Shop,” “Can’t Hold Us,” and more. And Deadmau5 was in the house wearing his signature Mau5head custom-made for the Microsoft show to honor our own summer rock-stars.

One intern, Jason, said of the event: “It was incredible. Everyone I talked to was absolutely blown away by the entire event and how hard it must have been for university recruiting to pull off. Macklemore gave an incredible performance, as did Deadmau5, and the Boeing Future of Flight exhibit was super cool. All my friends at other companies were jealous. :D”

Interested? University Staffing Consultant Tera Kull offers her four favorite ways to help you prepare for landing the best internship around:

  1. Take the right classes.  Use your time on campus and your credits wisely by making informed decisions about curriculum that supports your goals.  Talk to mentors, research positions in which you’re most interested, get advice from professors, and enroll in courses that will help you build the skills necessary to be successful in an interview and on the job.
  2. Build a great resume through awesome experiences.  Whether you’re just starting your college career or already have a few years in the books, make sure you’re building a resume that supports the internship you’re hoping for at Microsoft.  Whether in the form of excellent academic performance, projects, part-time work, or taking the lead in a student organization on campus – experiences that help build the skills you’ll need to be successful at Microsoft are excellent ways to get your resume noticed.
  3. Know your campus recruiter. You can easily find out who your campus recruiter is by visiting and the section called “Find Recruiters & Events.”  We keep an updated profile of the recruiter headed to your campus and include a list of upcoming events for you to mark your calendar.  Attend presentations to hear from alumni and say hello to the recruiter.  They are your best source for learning about the available positions at Microsoft and making sure your resume is considered.  Each of them is excited to get to know students. Make sure you check back to see who is coming to visit in the fall!
  4. Practice your interviewing skills.  There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than interview jitters.  While it’s totally normal to be nervous, it’s important to be prepared with the skills to field the variety of questions coming your way.  There are a few approaches that can help you get up to speed:
  • Mock interviews: If your career center offers ‘mock interviews,’ take advantage of them!  Nothing conjures up interview nerves like sitting down in an unfamiliar room, with an unfamiliar person, and having to maintain eye contact while you respond to their questions.
  •  Recruiting prep session: Attend an interview prep session hosted by your recruiter. Ask fellow classmates about their experiences interviewing with companies. Talk with mentors or advisors about ways to prepare.
  • Practice interview coding: If you’re interviewing for a technical position, be sure to practice coding on a dry-erase board in front of someone whose technical skills you respect.  It will mimic how you’ll have to answer technical questions during your interviews here at Microsoft. By practicing, you will feel more comfortable to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.”


Don’t just take our word for it.

  • Jason participated in our summer hackathon, in which interns rallied to build an app and pitch it to Microsoft execs.

See the concert live on YouTube:

Make it happen:

Now is the time to apply for technical, business, and MBA internships.

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