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My past posts on “top tech majors” created a lot of discussion on what is truly next. It has been a few years and the world of search, online advertising, mobile, and distributed computing have grown and matured.

Through this growth we have seen the rise of even more specific talent needs. Check out my list of the top new careers in tech below:

UX Designers /UI (Front End) Developers
These two jobs are very different but are critical because they are customer facing. Therefore, they are both in great demand. One entails actual design (in the creative sense) and developing a portfolio of rich user experience work. Design must be simple, elegant, thoughtful, user focused, and reflective of the brand or company behind it.

The other is by definition an equal combination of Web Developer + Software Developer. This role blurs the line of pure Web Development and traditional Software Engineer. Creating the right blend of front end engineering (AJAX, HTML5, CSS, jQuery) plus coding/development in traditional object oriented programming languages and CS education/background will ensure you will have a long future in the web/online and mobile world. These developers operate on traditional web services, tablets, and mobile devices. The industry has a specific need for this hybrid type of Front End developer.

Distributed Computing/Systems
Datacenters, latency, live site, load balancing, parallel processing, and fault tolerant systems. Distributed computing and the machines (networks) that are the cornerstone of this technology have produced a great need for all sorts of talent that are required to support, build, develop, and maintain them.

At its core, developers who have experience with huge sets of data in technologies such as Dryad, Cosmos, Autopilot (Microsoft’s own flavors of Map Reduce, Hadoop, and Big Table) are going to be in demand for some time to come as the world’s data grows in size and therefore creating new challenges and problems associated with making things scalable and dealing with the distinct problems associated with harnessing this growth.

Creating your own solutions for this type of work or even if you work in a support role in distributing computing – this work is important to the world’s data consumers who want a superfast PLT, consumers who don’t care that one of your datacenters is down, and will make a decision on brand loyalty based on performance.

Understanding Data and Supporting it All
This is a huge catch all but there are a number of roles that are needed to better serve up the right data, make sense of an incomprehensible amount of data , and have the finesse to see trends/analyze/report to customers, executives, and non-technical people on that same data.

The other side of the cloud and web services includes folks such as constructions experts on who we call to construct the newest and state of the art datacenters, on-site folks who keep a data center up, keeping it cool, and performing optimally, there are a number of roles that are a part of the ecosystem that is the cloud/online world that haven’t traditionally been called out but all are critical.

At the end of the day, these skills (both in my earlier post and this post) combined with strong development, architecture, and design skills will get you into any company. What will take you far is your ability to solve challenging problem spaces, your own personal drive and how you use the arsenal of engineering skills and experience you have.

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