Imagine Cup alum becomes intern


Last year, Penn State student Nick Doyle was a U.S. finalist in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup. Now he’s an intern with the Online Services team of Dynamics CRM, which is within the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) group. Nick shares with us his Imagine Cup experience and why he decided to spend his summer at Microsoft.

How did you decide to pursue Imagine Cup? What inspired your team’s idea?

Our team decided to pursue the Imagine Cup based on our various strengths as individuals. I’ve known Nicole since elementary school and Dan since junior high, so we already know how to work together well. Because we had a bit of diversity in specialization in Dan, Nicole, and I developing backend, graphics, and front-end respectively, we thought we could make a good team. It was Dan’s vision that pulled this all together, as he had the original idea and had worked on it a bit with a teammate for the previous year’s competition.

What was it like to be a finalist?

It was a bit surprising to me when we were chosen as finalists. Dan was a finalist the year before, but to think that our project was one of 10 chosen from the entire United States was an honor. The time we had to interact with other developers and teams was immensely valuable.  I had to think that this couldn’t have been done on the same scale by a lesser company, so this really opened my eyes to the level on which Microsoft operates on a daily basis.

What are you hoping to get out of your internship experience?

I hope to gain experience working on a team (my previous internships have had more of an individual focus) and form future networking relationships, as well as making an impact for my team.

How did your Imagine Cup experience influence your decision to apply for a summer internship at Microsoft? Of all your summer options/opportunities, why did you wish to and decide to come here?

I had such a positive experience at the Microsoft campus over the four-day competition that it would be impossible to not consider the company for a possible summer internship. At that point in the year I had already committed to a summer in California with Intel, but I made a point to meet my campus recruiter and find out when they were accepting resumes for internships in 2013 and here I am today! Microsoft is the complete package: talent, resources, reach, global impact, ecosystem, you name it!

What inspires you?

I love being able to work with similarly minded (or similarly wired) individuals on projects that I not only find fun and exciting but also very practical and functional. It’s great to be so involved in the industry I believe has the biggest potential for growth, change, and innovation, and it’s just incredible to see what types of new projects are coming out of companies on a day-to-day basis.


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