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We are looking to hire fresh talent who will innovate and build the next wave of technology that changes people’s lives.

Smart, curious, ambitious people to do their best work here. Every role presents the opportunity to experiment, take risks and develop valuable new skills. With products touching over a billion people every day, our employees have the ability to make a worldwide impact.

Microsoft is hiring for many positions around the world. We invite you to learn more about our employees’ lives – inside and outside Microsoft.

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When you’re looking for a job, it’s exciting to be invited for an interview. At the same time, it’s natural to feel nervous. One way to beat the jitters is …

Anyone who is pursuing a career in business or technology may want to consider an MBA. I loved getting my MBA, so I’m pretty biased. I finished my MBA about two …

Ever since they were kids, the Aslaners loved technology. Now, in Germany and Dubai, the two brothers and a sister have jobs they love—all in the same business group. The …

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