Should I get certifications before applying to Microsoft?


Dear JobsBlog:

I’m about to graduate from college and will have 13 months remaining on my GI Bill benefit, which can be used for certifications or other job training. Would Microsoft prefer that I had certifications in Microsoft products, or is that something I could be trained in upon hiring?

-GI Bill to Microsoft

Today’s Dear JobsBlog will be answered by Guest JobsBlogger RJ Naugle.

Dear GI Bill to Microsoft:

Thank you for your question. I recommend that you do an assessment of the qualifications necessary for the position you are interested in and identify what skills you may lack for the job. If a job requires a Microsoft certification, it will usually specify it in the job description.

I always tell job candidates, specifically fellow military veterans, that there is no one cookie-cutter way to joining the ranks of Microsoft.  However, there are several things you can do to up your chances of an interview.

First, you must apply for a position. Microsoft recruiters cannot screen your skills or interest in a said position until you have applied for it.

Second, you should tailor your resume to reflect the position of interest.

Third, it is always a good practice to network with people who have already made the transition and can tell you more about the company and (possibly) the position from an insider perspective. This can be done in numerous ways: Microsoft has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages dedicated to recruiting talent, as well as our most recent Military Recruiting Careers page:


Work at Microsoft!

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