Geek Graduates: A New Hire Reflects on 6 Months at Microsoft


Six months ago, Sam Doan joined the Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) program as an Associate Consultant. Shortly after being hired, he blogged about his insights as a new hire at Microsoft. Now, he revisits the subject with a half-year of experience under his belt. Take it away Sam:

Are you ambitious, eager, curious, passionate about technology, and, most importantly, want to change the world for the better? If so, you should consider working at Microsoft. Let me share with you a couple of the things I’ve learned about the company over the last months.

What is it like to work for Microsoft?
Working for Microsoft is a balance of individual and team effort. You are part of a group of unique individuals collaborating to achieve a common goal. Each contributor has a chance to learn from one another and create mutually beneficial relationships. The opportunities to build your network and gain experience are endless.

At Microsoft, it is up to you to define the career path that is ideal for you. For recent college graduates, one of the ways that Microsoft will help you to determine your career trajectory is through the MACH program. MACH offers training opportunities, executive leadership speaker series and networking events to ensure that when starting your career, you’re armed with the necessary knowledge to choose the best steps forward.

Achieving Success at Microsoft
Working here for the last six months has taught me a very important and valuable lesson: at Microsoft you can be as successful as you want to be. There is no limit.

You must figure out what success means to you and take ownership of it. Success is not an individual effort, but the effort of many who are walking the same path as you.  Success requires dedication, motivation, helping others and the will to take on challenges and overcome obstacles.

Success is not something that just happens to people. Success is a choice that each and every individual is capable of making—and, once you make that decision, Microsoft will be there to support you each and every step of the way.

Sam can be contacted via LinkedIn .

Geek Graduates

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