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Bing is so many things beyond web search – Image Search, Deals, Rewards, and even Social. It’s integrated into so many devices and products we use every day. What skills do our Developers really need? To help target your job search, I sat down with Ross Comer, one of our Principal Development Managers, for a chat about his team—and talent. An avid runner, Ross talks about skill-sets for his engineers, and what it takes to go the distance.

1. Tell us about your team. What might Developers find interesting in the various domains of Bing Experiences?

I run the Bing Engagement Development Team, which creates the Homepage, Rewards, Notifications, Boards, and individual user profile experiences.  We are part of the team responsible for the look and feel of Bing, both on web and mobile. But we go far beyond throwing some HTML and CSS on a page.  Yes, we do incredibly tight web coding to produce some of the most beautiful and fastest pages on the internet, but we also develop the platform that produces those pages and the middle-tiers that leverage the massively scalable platforms that keep Bing running smoothly.

2. How can Developers crack the code to get a role on your team? What’s an automatic qualifier?

Passion for building great user experiences. This means not only making pages match the designer’s specifications but also doing so in a highly performant manner.  Some developers used to think page layout was a simple problem that anyone could handle after reading an article or two and having a decent HTML reference manual.  We’re looking for developers who recognize that the rich experiences making up today’s web require the same rigorous approach that are used in other areas of program development.

3. How does this role on your team differ from a Web Developer?

We expect our developers to be great at writing code on the front end, but we also expect that they have the knowledge to help build the systems that produce it.  Whether it is the specific platforms that allow us to ship hundreds of changes to Bing on a daily basis, or the middle- and back-end tiers that help produce those experiences, it is far more than just the bits that get sent down to the browser.  On the Experiences team, we also get to interact with other parts of the company, from the Phone teams to the Windows teams to help them produce great search experiences.

4. Of all the features you have seen Bing introduce in the last year, which is your favorite? 

I’m biased, but if I have to choose: Rewards. Our users appreciate getting rewarded (paid) to use Bing, but we want to turn users into fans by encouraging them to try out everything we have to offer. Bing is powerful and fun to use.

It’s only appropriate that the people behind the scenes are fun and energetic. Last winter, our team went Curling (see the picture above).  Personally, I recently ran the Portland Marathon, and this spring I got my pilot’s license. Serious fun.


Achieve your personal best

For Bing employees, there are many routes to happiness at work and outside the office.  If you like the balance of challenging work, a high-performance environment, and a personal life, check out our open positions and apply.

Bing is like a startup within Microsoft. Guy Shahine works as a development lead on Bing Offers. A recent Seattle Times story featured his experience and thoughts on how Microsoft acts like a startup.


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