The University Interview Process: A Must-Read Guide


In every job search, there are so many steps along the way. Naturally, for upcoming college grads and interns, the question on everyone’s mind is: “What’s next?”

You want to know what to expect, so you can prepare and feel your best. Over the next few weeks, with a series of in-depth posts, we will show you what every step in the campus recruiting process looks like for every new college grad or intern candidate. Let’s go!

How do I get started?

You want to get in the game, you want to get noticed, and you want to score an interview.  To start, you’ll need to submit your resume: online, or in person.

Meeting you in person–wherever you are– is important to us. On campus, we come to career fairs, we provide information sessions about the company, and we do tech talks. We want to wow you, show you who we are, and answer your questions.

When we visit campus, come say hello! (We don’t bite.) Give us a smile, a handshake, and—while you’re at it—your resume. If you’re feeling nervous, please realize that your recruiters are just people who love technology and talking to others about it. Even if you just started programming and aren’t ready for Microsoft, come introduce yourself.

Once you give us your resume, this makes it official: You are expressing interest in job opportunities with the company.   Now you have taken your first step toward the possibility of an interview at Microsoft.

You also can email your resume to your recruiter. To find your recruiter’s contact information, visit, and click Find Recruiters and Events. Here you will also find more information about upcoming events on your campus. During the initial inquiry stages of this process, your campus recruiter is your main contact.

If you prefer, you can apply online at Either way, one resume is all we need. However you choose to apply, all resumes end up for review in the same place.

How long will it take to hear about next steps?

If you are chosen for a first-round interview, you may be contacted as early as a week or two after submitting your resume. Or it may take a few months. It all depends on availability of interviews and how your background aligns with what we’re searching for at the time.

Unlike other steps in the process, this initial phase does not have a precisely defined timeline. Be patient and persistent. Most likely, your recruiter is buried in email, especially during our busy season. A good rule of thumb: If you don’t receive a response within three weeks, it’s OK to email again.

To make sure your resume is ready to rock, check out some resume-building tips:

Stay tuned for our next post: First-round interviews!


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