Are you a good fit for Microsoft? Show us (Part I of III)


Dear JobsBlog

Dear JobsBlog:
I’m gearing up for an interview with Microsoft. I’m prepared for the technical questions, but want to know what non-technical "soft skills" I should focus on in my interview. Any suggestions?

-Covering All My Bases


SandeepDear Covering All My Bases:
Over the years, I’ve received many variations of this question from job candidates.

I like to think of the answer in terms of The Three P’s of Microsoft: Passion, Potential and People. Hiring teams try to identify these “soft skills” along with the core skills required for the role. Understanding the Three Ps helps candidates make their best case during the interview process to get a “hire recommendation” from the hiring team.

Today, I’ll explain the First P – Passion – and I will follow up on Potential and People in the coming days:

During your Microsoft interview, you must show that you’re genuinely passionate about two things:
1) the role for which you’re interviewing
2) the technology domain in which you’ll work

If you are passionate about the role, you will be able to show that you’ve done comprehensive research on the role and what the role means at Microsoft. Research includes general online fact finding, studying Microsoft’s JobsBlog and reaching out to your staffing contact or other Microsoft contacts to get a real-time idea about the expectations for the role.

For example, passionate hires do things like buy books on what the SDET or Program Manager role means at  Microsoft. They become versed in how the role is different at Microsoft than at other companies and are able to speak to those specifics during their interview.

A passionate hire also needs to demonstrate that they both understand and believe in the future of their technology domain. For example, if you are interviewing for a Cloud position, you should be able to articulate what Cloud Computing is all about and conduct a wide ranging discussion on its challenges and values it’ll bring to technology.

You’ve got to love it and show us that you love it.

Other passions that you could showcase are: passion to make life easier for developers, passion to create new technology, passion about Microsoft as a company and passion about making a global impact through technology.

Stay tuned for my suggestions regarding Potential and People in the coming days.


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